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Moving from Montreal to Halifax is a significant transition that requires careful planning and attention to detail. Whether it’s a residential or commercial move, our company, déménagement ALEX, specializes in providing top-quality moving services to Halifax. We understand the complexities of such relocations and are committed to offering personalized solutions to meet your unique needs.

Moving from Montreal to Halifax

Professional moving service from Montreal to Halifax

Are you looking for a reliable Montreal moving company? For the needs of a cheap move we offer you a first class service!. At your service a team of experienced and reliable movers! Do you need a storage place? Moving and storage specialist in Montreal at low prices!

Residential moving service from Montreal to Halifax

Do you have a moving project to Halifax and are you looking for a company? Quality moving service offered by qualified movers – déménagement ALEX! Furniture dismantling and assembly service, packing service for furniture and household appliances and complete or partial unpacking on request! Your furniture is protected by clean covers. We move a single piece of furniture as well as a complete move of your house, your condo, your studio or your apartment.

Commercial moving service from Montreal to Halifax

Are you looking for a commercial moving service from Montreal to Halifax at the best price? We are a company specializing in moving to Halifax! We offer safe and secure solutions for your business. We are experts in moving businesses or offices, safes, restaurant equipment, machinery, exercise equipment to Montreal.

Last-Minute Move from Montreal to Halifax

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you need to make a last minute or emergency move from Montreal to Halifax. We understand the urgency and stress that such a decision can cause. That’s why we’re here to provide you with a reliable solution to ensure a quick and successful transition.

Piano moving service from Montreal to Halifax

Are you looking for a qualified company to transport pianos from Montreal to Halifax? Are you moving and looking for the solution to a cheap piano move in Montreal? You are in the right place. Our movers are specially trained and have the knowledge and experience. Piano moving with crane in Montreal.

Long distance moving service from Montreal to Halifax

Are you looking for movers in the Montreal area to move to Halifax? We are a company specializing in moving from Montreal to Halifax and long distance across Quebec and Ontario. Moving company with a team of reliable movers to oversee all of your moving projects in Montreal.

Are you looking for a trusted company for your long distance move to another city in the province of Quebec or Ontario? You can count on us for a successful move at a good price in Montreal or to Ottawa, Quebec, Sherbrooke, etc.

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DestinationPrice from:Distance 
Montreal to Goodwood4599$1267km
Montreal to Harriesfield4599$1267km
Montreal to Herring Cove4599$1267km
Montreal to Portuguese Cove4599$1267km
Montreal to Sambro4599$1267km
Montreal to Terence Bay4599$1267km
Montreal to Brookside4599$1267km
Montreal to Shad Bay4599$1267km
Montreal to Peggys Cove4599$1267km
Montreal to Hubbards4599$1267km
Montreal to Chester4599$1267km
Montreal to Mahone Bay4599$1267km
Montreal to Lunenburg4599$1267km
Montreal to Bridgewater4599$1267km
Montreal to New Germany4599$1267km
Montreal to New Ross4599$1267km
Montreal to Wolfville4599$1267km
Montreal to Coffs 4599$1267km
Montreal to Eastern Passage4599$1267km
Montreal to Porters Lake4599$1267km
Montreal to Sheet Harbour4599$1267km
Montreal to Elmsdale 4599$1267km
Montreal to Middle Musquodoboit4599$1267km

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