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Are you looking for the best moving price from Montreal to Kitchener? By using our company, we ensure efficient and fast transport. We are a team of reliable and experienced movers to supervise all of your moving or storage projects. Our service is professional and secure.

About the City of Kitchener

moving Montreal to Kitchener

Kitchener, an Ontario city rich in culture and opportunity, offers a must-visit destination for those considering leaving Montreal. With its vibrant arts scene, diverse culinary options, and vibrant economy, Kitchener promises a fulfilling lifestyle for its residents. Located approximately 560 kilometers southwest of Montreal, the trip generally takes around 5 to 6 hours by car. Moving Montreal to Kitchener opens doors to new experiences, career opportunities and a welcoming community, making it an attractive relocation choice.

Move cheaper from Montreal to Kitchener

The success of a move from Montreal to Kitchener depends largely on careful preparation. With us, the quality of the moving service is our top priority! We offer a full service, including disassembly and assembly of furniture, as well as complete packaging on request.

Whether for a simple piece of furniture or a complete move, we take care of all your needs, whether for offices, a business, an apartment, or a house. Trust our expertise for a stress-free move with complete peace of mind.

The price for moving a one bedroom from Montreal to Kitchener is between $1995 and $2850. For 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms, the cost will be higher, around $2950 to $3450. The price depends on the volume and working time.

Moving the piano

We move all types of pianos from Montreal to Kitchener, from upright pianos to grand pianos. Contact us today to discuss your specific piano move and let us take care of every detail with the utmost professionalism. Whether your piano is a precious family heirloom or a professional musical instrument, entrust it to our team of experts.

Moving packages to another city in the province of Quebec or Ontario adapted to your needs. Contact us for residential or commercial, industrial moving to Kitchener or to Ottawa, Quebec, Sherbrooke, etc. Don’t waste your time, and call us now or request a quote online! We are able to carry out moves 365 days a year, at night, on weekends and every day, even on holidays.

Moving to the greater Kitchener area
DestinationPrice – 3 1/2
Moving Montreal to Wellesley1990-2850$
Moving from Montreal to Baden1990-2850$
Moving Montreal to Luxemburg1990-2850$
Quick move Montreal to Plattsville1990-2850$
Cost of Moving from Montreal to Roseville1990-2850$
Moving from Montreal to Linwood 1990-2850$
Moving Montreal to Saint Clements1990-2850$
Moving Montreal to Heidelberg1990-2850$
Moving from Montreal to Elmira1990-2850$
Moving Montreal to Listowel1990-2850$
Cost of Moving from Montreal to Palmerston1990-2850$
Moving from Montreal to Elora 1990-2850$
Moving Montreal to Fergus1990-2850$
Cheap moving Montreal to Arthur1990-2850$
Cost of Moving from Montreal to Conestogo1990-2850$
Moving from Montreal to Maryhill 1990-2850$
Cheap moving Montreal to Bright1990-2850$
Cost of Moving from Montreal to Tavistock1990-2850$
Moving from Montreal to Stratford 1990-2850$
Price of moving from Montreal to Walkerton1990-2850$
Moving  Montreal to Hanover1990-2850$
Moving  Montreal to Southampton 1990-2850$
Moving service Montreal to Durham1990-2850$
Moving from Montreal to New Hamburg1990-2850$
Moving  Montreal to Listowel1990-2850$
Cost of Moving from Montreal to Bloomingdale1990-2850$
Moving Montreal to New Dundee1990-2850$
Cost of Moving from Montreal to Innerkip1990-2850$$

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