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Moving Montreal to Levis

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Your efficient move to Levis, Quebec

You have decided to move from Montreal to Levis and you are looking for a reliable and professional moving company? We have the services you need.

Our company specializes in interprovincial moves and we have extensive experience in transporting your goods from Montreal to Levis. We offer personalized service tailored to your needs and take care of all the details for a stress-free move.

moving Montreal to LevisWe have a fleet of modern and well-maintained trucks to ensure safe and fast transport of your goods. Our employees are trained and experienced to handle your fragile and valuable items with care. We also use packaging techniques to minimize the risk of damage in transit.

In addition to our transportation services, we also offer unpacking and relocation services to help you settle into your new home. We can also help you pack your belongings if you wish.

Residential moving

The residential move can be stressful and tedious, especially when it comes to moving from the city of Montreal to Levis. Fortunately, our company offers reliable and efficient moving services to help you make that big change with ease.

We understand that every client has unique needs, which is why we offer a range of personalized services to meet your individual needs. We take care of all aspects of your move, from packing to delivering your belongings. We use safe and efficient packaging techniques to protect your belongings during transport, and we have an experienced team to handle the logistical challenges that can arise during a long distance move.

Moving Piano

Want to move your piano from Montreal to Levis? Call us at 514-569-4443. Our customer service based expertise and professional training will guide you through the process of preparing for the move. Oubliez le stress! With us you will have your property protected. Our piano moving service is synonymous with quality and a courteous approach to customers!

Piano Moving Montreal to Ottawa

Commercial moving service

We offer a reliable commercial moving service from Montreal to Levis. Whether you need to move your business, your office or any other commercial establishment, we are here to offer you a complete and professional solution.

Our team of experienced movers are trained to handle commercial moves of all sizes. We understand the importance of minimizing business interruptions and ensuring that your transition to Levis is smooth.

Last minute moving

Your last minute or emergency move from Montreal to Lévis or in the greater Quebec City region carried out with our company 7/7 and 24/24. We understand the urgency of your situation and we do everything we can to organize and carry out your move as soon as possible.

Our team is equipped to handle last minute moves and are used to working under pressure to ensure everything goes smoothly. Whether you need to move your house, apartment or business, we are here to help you quickly and reliably.

Ten steps to organize a smoother move from Montreal to Lévis

Preparing for a long distance move can be overwhelming, but breaking it down into steps can make the process more manageable. Here are ten steps to help you prepare for a long distance move:

  1. Create a schedule: write down the dates and the tasks you will complete.
  2. Declutter and Organize: Sort your stuff and decide what to keep, give away, sell or throw away.
  3. Find moving companies: contact us today – quick quote.
  4. Set a budget: Determine your moving budget by factoring in the cost of hiring movers, packing supplies, transportation, and any other related expenses.
  5. Notify important parties: such as your landlord, employer, utility companies and schools.
  6. Gather important documents: Gather all important documents, such as medical records, school records, financial documents, and identity papers.
  7. Start packing early: Use strong boxes, packing materials, and labels to ensure items are protected and easily identifiable.
  8. Change your address: Submit a change of address form to the Postal Service and update your address with banks, credit card companies, insurers, and other necessary institutions.
  9. Arrange your transportation: If you are driving to your new destination, plan your route.
  10. Finalize the preparations: In the weeks leading up to your move, confirm your arrangements with our moving company.

By following these ten steps, you can stay organized and ensure a smoother long-distance move.

Moving an apartment or large house from Montreal to Levis

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our moving services from Montreal to Chicoutimi. We will be happy to answer all your questions and plan your move with ease.

Contact us for a no obligation quote. 514-569-4443

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