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The best universities and colleges in Montreal

You prefer to study in Montreal? Moving from Ottawa, Toronto to Montreal to study? Canada’s education system is one of the best and most recognized in the world. Education in Montreal is truly amazing and thousands of people want their children to study at some of their universities and colleges. In Montreal, there are some of the best university institutes in the country and we will know many of them.

Montreal is home to several renowned universities and colleges. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the best institutions of higher learning in Montreal:

  1. University of Montreal (UdeM)
  2. McGill University
  3. Concordia University
  4. HEC Montreal
  5. School of Advanced Technology (ETS)
  6. Polytechnique Montreal
  7. University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)
  8. National School of Public Administration (ENAP)
  9. Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC)
  10. Maisonneuve College
  11. Lionel-Groulx College
  12. Ahuntsic College
  13. Montmorency College
  14. John Abbott College.

These institutions offer a variety of study programs for local and international students, ranging from technology to management, science, arts, health and social sciences. It is important to learn about the programs offered, tuition fees, admission requirements and student resources to make the right choice.

College CDICDI

The college has been responsible for helping students with their careers for 40 years. In this school, you can see top programs in business, technology and medical care. Similarly, CDI College offers training to create a solid foundation in all the knowledge to start your career in a meaningful way. Once a person starts studying at this school, you can see how the learning process, participation, and different challenges to success improve.

Inter-Dec College

Inter-Dec School has been imparting knowledge to its students since 1983, making a name for itself through the variety of its programs and the quality of services offered by the facilities for its students. In 1989, the school took a major step that enabled it to go several steps further by joining forces with LaSalle International. Since then, they have expanded their programs and quality of study into 3 different areas: interior design, beauty and digital arts. These programs allow students to acquire a competitive and professional level, along with the skills most in demand in the job market and the latest technologies.

Montreal International Language Centre (MILC)

Also known by its initials, at MILC you can learn or improve one or more languages. In this institute, the best language courses are given and adapted to the needs of each individual. Whether you are Canadian or of another nationality, MILC offers a variety of guides and programs based on practical learning. One of the strategies of this institute is the small groups formed by the students that allow them to get privileged and personalized attention from their classmates and teachers.

LaSalle College Montreal

Recognized as the largest bilingual university in North America, LaSalle College offers five schools with majors in over 60 programs. This university receives a dense student population every year, at least 20% of whom come from different parts of the world.

One of the advantages of this university is its international reference, its great post-secondary or higher education, the programs offered in English and French, and the possibility of alternating the languages of the different classes. They also implement practical pedagogical projects so that students recreate professional realities and thus lead them to world-renowned titles.

ILSC Education Group

This academy offers language training programs to students from all over the world. Students from over 180 countries have been recognized since its founding in 1991. ILSC is divided into 5 sections that are responsible for the proper preparation of their students, including teacher training, corporate language training and language training. continuing education.

The first school to open its doors was in Vancouver and since then it has become a leading language school in the world. Currently, there are ILSC institutes in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. San Francisco and New York, USA; New Delhi, India; and Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.

HEC Montreal Business Language Training Centre

The École des hautes études commerciales de Montréal, founded in 1907, is recognized as the first business school in Canada. HEC Montréal, as it is also known, is also the first school in North America to obtain three prestigious accreditations in the field of administration; AACSB International, EQUIS and AMBA. Thanks to its high-level programs, it has gained worldwide recognition, in addition to its faculty specializations. HEC Montréal is one of the best business schools in the world.

McGill University

Founded in 1821, McGill University has been considered Canada’s premier medical and doctoral school for over 10 years. It is also number 24 in the world, with more than 300 study programs divided between 25% international students, 23% graduate students from other national universities and the rest students from more than 180 countries. McGill University is one of Canada’s best known institutions of higher learning and one of the largest in the world.

International Butler Academy of Montreal

This academy has one of the highest standards in the world and has successfully trained thousands of professionals. IMBA is the first Butler-Som (Butler & Sommelier) school in the world. In IMBA, a world-class learning center has been developed for motivated individuals who wish to excel in the world of stewardship and develop experiences in the management of exclusive wine cellars. Butler is one of the most demanding careers, but the rewards are worth it and are reflected in the experience this academy has to offer.

Siebel Institute of Technology

The Siebel Technology Institute has been training brewing professionals for 140 years. This institute has been recognized by the Division of Private Business and Professional Schools through the Illinois Board of Higher Education and it is because of its specific programs that it has been able to attract many followers and students from around the world. whole.

Since its founding, students from more than 60 countries have been recognized and are now among the best breweries in the world. This institute maintains a broad base of participants enhancing the learning opportunities for each of them by exposing them to different cultures, equipment, methods and beer styles.

Montreal Technical College (MTC)

The work of the Montreal Technical College is focused on teaching technical drawing and building architecture. Founded in 1967, it has succeeded in being recognized as a very special institution in specific areas; the construction industry in the field of civil engineering. In this school, one can appreciate the different points of view that can be presented to teachers and management, even teachers retain positive factors for the implementation of architecture programs.

A balance is also maintained between theoretical and practical programs so that they are essential to success. This university has trained staff, experienced professionals, architects, civil and mechanical engineers, surveyors and designers that allow different perspectives and evolve the respective disciplines.

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