15 fun things to do with your kids in Montreal


Moving to Montreal with kids from Toronto, Ottawa! So you have kids and you've decided to take a trip to Montreal. Check out 15 fun things to do with your kids in Montreal here. Montreal is one of the most recognized cities in Canada thanks to the fact that the Summer Olympics were held in 1976, or simply because you've heard about the city in your life because you heard your parents (or even grandparents) talk about a lot about that particular Olympic event - the one that made Nadia Comaneci a celebrity with the first perfect score of 10.

But if you've heard about Montreal and a good friend recommends it as one of the most attractive tourist sites; you're wondering what activities you can do with your kids once you get there. We suggest the following fifteen activities to consider.

Jump high to Saute.

Kids will love this incredible trampoline park with two locations in the country, one in Montreal East. A few exercises, a lot of fun for kids of all ages and, of course, for parents too.

Pay a visit to the Montreal Biodôme.

Four ecosystems of the Americas await you inside the dome. More than 4,800 animals and approximately 700 plant species provide a fun educational activity for the whole family. Children will certainly enjoy the live penguins in the subantarctic section of the Biodome.

Have an exciting time at La Ronde

With over 40 rides, including an impressive 10 roller coasters, this Six Flags amusement park is the second largest in Canada. Located on the island of St. Helena, it offers not only thrilling rides but also less dangerous rides for children with a less adventurous sense.

Take a Mile End TourChildren love food and what better way to eat and be a tourist at the same time. Montreal offers you and your children the opportunity to do both by visiting the Mile End Montreal Food Tour. A family trip to the varied food you can find, and the cultural and historical aspects of the area would be a good decision to make. Enjoy eating your favorite meal or snack, or maybe a new favorite will pop up.

Visit the Otaku Lounge

You've been reading Manga and comics in general for years and you've passed this habit on to your children. Once in Montreal, you and your little ones may have the opportunity to discover some of the Japanese artist's most recognized titles while drinking tea. For 5$ an hour, 4000 manga books are available for you to spend a good time reading, and extra tea from 5$ is abundantly present. Saturday is a good day to visit, as some special events are held in the bookstore.

Skating in Old Port Montreal

Do you prefer outdoor activities? Sports participation? Do you like winter? You can take your children ice skating around the Old Port during the winter season if you are visiting the city during this time. The skating rink is open from December to March every day. But the schedule may vary depending on the weather conditions.

Watch the birds at the Montreal Tower / Olympic Park.

Built for the 1976 Summer Olympics, the Montreal Tower is recognized as the tallest inclined building offering three floors for viewing the city. At 175 meters high and with a 45 degree incline, the tower also offers a multi-sport center at its base with seven pools included.

Going to the theater A little bit of the artsy side of town is a good recommendation for a family outing. At the Centaur Theatre, the whole family can enjoy several children's shows held twice a month and there's no need to spend a Saturday morning waiting for a TV show in your hotel room. Instead, it's a great option for a little fun and cultural acquisition of the city's children's performing arts world.

Visit the Biosphere Museum.

In times of environmental awareness, it is a good choice to visit the Biosphere of Montreal to learn more about the environmental issues facing this region. In addition, children and families can also learn interesting facts related to air quality, climate change, water pollution and much more about pollution and its consequences around the world. All of this information is given in a fun and engaging way, instilling the need for environmental awareness in small children and reminding adults of the responsibility to emphasize it every day.

Know a good ghost story.

Told by their own protagonists, you and your children could hear scary stories about the misfortunes and adventures of these "ghosts" throughout various sites in Old Montreal. The event takes 90 minutes for all the fun with stories told by witches, crooks and criminals in several haunted locations in the old city.

Swin at the Aquadome.

In the Lasalle sector, this place contains two 25-meter pools where children can swim, play on the water jets and enjoy the mushroom waterfall. As for the parents, they can have fun in a whirlpool at their disposal.

See you on the heights of Go to the top.

Designed for people of all ages, Allez-y offers rock climbing in different wall sets. A great energetic activity for those unstoppable little kids, this is a recommended choice when visiting Montreal.

Shoot your family with Laser.

Montreal offers the whole family a great battle with lasers. A whole family activity, youngsters, teens, and even adults would deeply benefit from it.

Embark on a pirate adventure.

Make your children feel like the people of New France and take them aboard the Iberville, a privateer ship of the era. The activities presented in this attraction are designed for children ages 6 to 12 and test the children physically and intellectually while the younger ones live out their wildest dreams.

Watch some sporting events.

While in town and depending on the time of day you are there, your children can enjoy a field hockey game to cheer on and enjoy the performances of the local field hockey team or soccer team. Kids with a keen sense of sports and favoritism will really appreciate the opportunity.

Now you have some places and activities to do when you visit this beautiful and important second most populated city in the province of Quebec. You and your children will have a great time as a family if you choose any of the above activities and some of your own.

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