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Get informed before organizing your move from Montreal to Saint-Hyacinthe. Saint-Hyacinthe is a city in Quebec best known for its historical monuments and its economy that is heavily based and dependent on agriculture. The city is crossed by the Yamaska ​​River, perpendicular to Highway 20. Currently, Saint-Hyacinthe has approximately 55,823 inhabitants, 97% of whom speak French as their first language. 2.64% of the remaining population speaks a language other than English, which only covers 1% of the population.

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Geographically, Saint-Hyacinthe is located 58 km east of Montreal, with approximately 50 minutes of driving which can vary depending on the speed of your vehicle, as well as your route.

The most direct route to Saint-Hyacinthe remains Highway 20 East. Most of your journey will pass through this route. Take exit 130 South for QC-137/QC-235S towards Saint-Hyacinthe/Centre-Ville/Granby. Turn right on boulevard Lafamboise/QC-137S/QC-235S; turn right again on boulevard Casavant O/QC-235S and then left on boulevard Choquette/QC-235S. You will now be in the town of Saint-Hyacinthe. It is very important to bring appropriate road maps and a portable GPS system during the trip to avoid any possible errors during the trip and the move.


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During your move from Montreal to Saint-Hyacinthe, you will pass through a number of cities such as Longueuil, Sainte-Julie, Terrasse-Préfontaine, Sainte Madeleine, until you finally arrive at the destination.

Saint-Hyacinthe offers great opportunities for those who want to pursue their post-secondary studies. The University of Montreal has a campus in the city that offers a variety of programs, particularly in the field of medicine and veterinary care. The school would have more than 80 international students enrolled in various programs including doctorate. There is also a CEGEP which offers 14 different technical programs, and a number of certificate programs such as dental hygiene, nursing, early education. If you have children who will be with you, there are a few public elementary schools and secondary schools that are available. Courses are offered in French since French is the dominant language in Saint-Hyacinthe.

Luckily Saint-Hyacinthe has a number of public transportation options that make transportation around the city and surrounding areas easy. Local bus services are operated by IT de la Vallée du Richelieu. La CITVR exploite plusieurs circuits. With a little effective research, you will save your time and enjoy the best public transportation in Saint-Hyacinthe. There is also a train and bus service to Mont Saint-Hilaire station which connects the suburbs to Montreal Central Station. There is also a Via Rail stop.

Quite often, choosing a new home or apartment can be the most interesting and exciting part of a move for the whole family. In Saint-Hyacinthe there are different types of accommodation; from duplexes to bungalows that are currently on the market. Learning about local laws and provincial legislation will keep you ahead of the game when choosing a house or apartment. Also, do some research to find out about average house prices as this will not only help you make a good purchase, but also prepare you better when negotiating with a prospective landlord or real estate agent. The choice of real estate is vast, it is just a matter of preference for you and your family which could vary according to your family budget.

Saint-Hyacinthe often organizes a number of trade shows throughout the year: from the sale of automobiles to the sale of tractors; as well as a number of local conferences. Every fall, the city organizes a big festival with demonstrations and culinary tastings and other activities dedicated to the food and cultural influence of the region and the province of Quebec. It would be a great idea to visit this beautiful city before your final move. This will allow you to get to know not only the streets of the city better, but it will also give you the chance to familiarize yourself with the local conditions.

In Saint-Hyacinthe, there are a number of restaurants and affordable accommodations. Some of these most popular restaurants are Brasserie Maska and L’escabèche. Some of the more affordable hotels are the Holiday Inn Express, as well as the Hotel Le Dauphin Saint-Hyacinthe.

Residential moving from Montreal to Saint-Hyacinthe can be accomplished in a successful and stress-free manner with enough financial planning and work organization. Be sure to choose a moving company that has experience in long-distance moving or that has already done moving work to Saint-Hyacinthe. This will ensure professionalism, speed and quality of work. Your mind will therefore be at ease seeing that you have taken the appropriate and necessary steps to select the best moving company for such an important transition.

Moving from Montreal to Saint-Hyacinthe could be a complicated affair, with many steps involved to ensure that everything goes smoothly and with great care and precision. Thus, finding a reliable and experienced company in long-distance moving is very important.

A reliable and skillful moving company can undoubtedly give you satisfaction and peace of mind. As a result, you can concentrate on other tasks during the move and save your precious time.

Without proper research, you may not receive quality service. Check the references of the moving company, find the comments of former customers and their level of satisfaction for the work carried out by the company in question, find out if the moving company you choose does or has done in the past moving work to the city you want to go there to live.

Moving service and transportation of pianos and pool table: if you have a piano to move from Montreal to Saint-Hyacinthe or a pool table, ask if the movers have the experience and all the necessary equipment for moving!

By choosing the economical moving company ALEX – you will ensure that your belongings and belongings will be handled safely and professionally, and that it will all be done as quickly as possible. The choice is yours!

Good luck and happy moving!

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