Moving from Montreal to Saint-John, N.B.

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Important information you need to know before moving from Montreal to Saint John, New Brunswick. Saint John is the largest city in the province of New Brunswick. The city is located at the mouth of the Saint John River and along the northern shore of the Bay of Fundy. Currently, the city has a population of approximately 72,000, with the majority of the population speaking English as their first language, but many residents speak French and English congruently, making the city very bilingual and an advantage for those considering a move to Saint John.

Moving Montreal

Just the right planning can ensure a successful move from Montreal to Saint John. Areas that need to be considered are distance, driving time and whether the movers you select for this transition to a new province are experienced. Geographically speaking, Montreal is located approximately 914 kilometers from St. John, however if you or the moving company have the ability to travel across the United States of America, your trip could be reduced by two hours or 200 kilometers, researching which route will best suit your situation will always ensure that no disappointments occur.


For those planning to travel within Canada's borders, you should travel along Highway 20 East and then take exit 499 to join the Trans-Canada Highway / Highway 85 / towards Notre-Dame-du-Lac/Cabano/Degelis/Edmundston/QC- 185/New Brunswick. Once you cross the provincial border, the highway will turn into NB-2 East. Take exit 306 to merge onto NB-7 South towards Saint John. You must then merge onto NB-1 East, which is a toll road and take the exit towards Saint John Centre.

Take Main Street/NB-100 East and continue on St Patrick Street. You have now arrived in St. John. It is very important to have the appropriate road maps and a portable GPS system to avoid any possible mistakes during the trip and afterwards during the move. On the way to St. John, you will pass through a number of cities such as Drummondville, Quebec City, St. Pascal, Riviere-du-Loup, Cabanc, Limestone, Fort Fairfield, Woodstock, Geary, Wellsford, and Grand Bay-Westfield, until you finally arrive at the destination.