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Important information you need to know before moving from Montreal to Saint John, New Brunswick. Saint John is the largest city in the province of New Brunswick. The city sits at the mouth of the Saint John River and along the north shore of the Bay of Fundy. Currently, the city has a population of around 72,000, with the majority of the population speaking English as their first language, but many residents speak both French and English consistently, making the city very bilingual and an advantage for those who are considering moving to Saint John.

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Just the right planning can ensure a successful move from Montreal to Saint John. Areas that need to be considered are distance, driving time and whether the movers you select for this transition to a new province have experience. Geographically speaking, Montreal is located approximately 914 kilometers from Saint John, however if you or the moving company have the option of traveling throughout the United States of America, your trip could reduce by two hours or 200 kilometers, researching which route will best suit your situation will always ensure that no disappointment occurs.

For those planning to travel within Canadian borders, you should travel along Highway 20 East to then take Exit 499 to merge onto the Trans-Canada Highway / Highway 85 / towards Notre-Dame-du- Lac/Cabano/Degelis/Edmundston/QC-185/New Brunswick. Once you cross the provincial borders, the highway will turn into Highway NB-2 East. Take exit 306 to merge onto NB-7 South toward Saint John. You must then merge onto Nb-1 East, which is a toll road, and take the exit toward Saint John Center.

Take Main Street/NB-100 East and continue on St Patrick Street. You have now arrived in Saint John. It is very important to bring the appropriate road maps during the trip, as well as a portable GPS system in order to avoid any possible errors during the trip and later during the move. En route to Saint John, you will pass through a number of towns such as Drummondville, Quebec City, Saint-Pascal, Rivière-du-Loup, Cabanc, Limestone, Fort Fairfield, Woodstock, Geary, Wellsford, and Grand Bay- Westfield, until you finally arrive at the destination.

Saint John is a city of neighborhoods, South Central Peninsula is best known on the east side of the harbor and across from the west side. Much of this area is where the original town was created. Many people who have lived in the area never refer to this area as “downtown” because it is more on a hill.

The North End is the area north of Highway 1 from the South Central Peninsula. North End is full or urban residential housing, some of which has been built in recent decades, but there are many houses that still exist in the 19th century North. East Side is considered the largest suburban sprawl in the area just south of Highway 1. The west side is the last district of St John which is divided mainly into small communities which have been subject to numerous amalgamations since 1967.

The City of Saint John offers a number of post-secondary education opportunities. There is currently a university and a college in the town, both only offered in English. The University of New Brunswick has a campus in the city offering a variety of courses for those who plan to further their education into a career. New Brunswick Community Colleges also has a campus in Saint John. There are two public school boards in the city, but only 1 francophone school in the city. Often, researching the educational institution that best meets your needs, or even the needs of your child attending the public school system for secondary and primary education, will always ensure you make the right choice. .

Saint John is blessed with a public transit system, which makes getting around the city very affordable and simple. The Saint John Transit has been in service since the late 1970s and has an annual ridership of approximately 2.5 million passengers. Currently, there are 24 local roads, 4 regional roads with a fleet of over 53 vehicles, providing city residents with a very safe and reliable mode of transportation around the city.

Often, looking for a new house or apartment weeks or months before your planned moving date can not only cause some form of excitement, but also provide some form of confidence that everything will be fine. . There are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure you are ahead of anything that may come your way, whether you are considering buying or renting a home in the City of Saint John. There are a number of homes that are currently on the market, often leaving the preference to you and your family.

There are a number of events and shopping malls available in the city of Saint Johns, making a visit to the city not only a great place to spend a summer vacation, but also to condition yourself on the number of trips that are involved in your long distance move from Montreal to Saint John. There are a number of affordable restaurants that are available for any family occasion. From international cuisines specializing in Asian, Indian, seafood or Italian, there are plenty of restaurants to suit your budget. There are also a number of affordable accommodations throughout the city, making your stay comfortable before heading back to town.

When looking for movers in Montreal to help with your long distance move, investigating the potential company for past experience in the province of New Brunswick or the city of St John in general will always ensure professionalism.

Moving to Saint John from Montreal can be complex with many steps involved to ensure everything goes as planned with precision and care. It is therefore important to find a reliable and experienced long distance moving company when planning such a large move from Montreal to Saint John. Finding a reliable mover can give you satisfaction and peace of mind as you focus on other tasks involved during the move.

Choosing the right moving company or long distance movers in Montreal in general without the proper research can be time consuming, but check company references, previous references from satisfied customers and that the moving company you choose operates or has operated in the past with the city you will need to move to will always keep you one step ahead of your move.

By choosing ALEX Montreal Economical Moving Service, you will ensure that your belongings are transferred safely and securely, and that it is done as quickly as possible. The choice is yours!

Good luck and happy moving!

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