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The Quebec city of Joliette is a city that has known how to develop since its foundation in the 19and century. A 45-minute drive from Montreal, Joliette is an independent and dynamic city, proud of its origins and its history strongly linked to its founder and the Clercs de Saint-Viateur. Between cultural activities and top-flight gastronomy. it is the fifth largest city in Lanaudière. Here is a detailed presentation of this city to help you get to know it better. Why not, you will probably leave your luggage there to discover its appeal, its charm, among others.

Population, geographic location of Joliette

Joliette is a city which is located in Canada in the province of Quebec, located in the administrative region of Lanaudière of which it is the 5and largest city. According to the latest estimates made in 2016, the city has nearly 20,484 inhabitants, i.e. a density of 892 inhabitants per km2. The area of the territory of Joliette is nearly 2297 ha. The city of Joliette is located at the level of the regional county municipality of Joliette of which it is the chief town. If you want move to Joliette, you should know that the inhabitants of the city are called Joliettain(e).  

History and language of Joliette

If you plan to move to Joliette, you should know that it was founded by Barthelemy Joliette, a great notary who around 1823 discovered near the Assomption River a favorable place to create a city. This site was initially called "Outaragavesipi" from the name given to it by the Amerindians and which meant the sinuous, the tortuous, in the Iroquois language. Barthelemy Joliette thus gave his name to the town and undertook major projects such as the construction of a mansion in 1843, a bridge in 1824, a public market in 1837, a church in 1842, a a college in 1845, among others. The official language of the city is French.

Tourist place to visit in Joliette

Visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to spending pleasant moments in Joliette: restaurants, concerts, theatre, museum, cinema and the outdoors... Everything is there to stay a few hours or a few days or even move to Joliette. Among the places not to miss to visit, there is the Juliette art museum, the Saint-Jean-Bosco Park and Center, the Louis-Querbes Park, the Dalles Park, the Maison Antoine-Lacombe garden , the Vignoble Saint-Thomas wine estate, the Joliette town hall, the Tourist and Convention Bureau, the Rina-Lasner Library, the Joliette – De Lanaudière Historical Society, the Downtown Development Society of Joliette, among others.

Best University and College in Joliette

There are several structures dedicated to education that are worth checking out. move Longueuil to Joliette. There are French public schools run by the Commission scolaire des Samares and English public schools under the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board. Alongside these public structures, there are obviously French-speaking private schools, the best known of which is the one called Académie Antoine-Manseau. The regional CEGEP of Lanaudière in Joliette is one of the three constituent colleges of the regional CEGEP of Lanaudière. In the premises of the regional CEGEP of Lanaudière, there is also the Center Universitaire de Joliette.

Best restaurants in Joliette

If you plan to move to Joliette, gastronomy is also present and this through the existence of many restaurants which are well worth dropping off the suitcase to live an extraordinary experience. One of the best-known restaurants is undoubtedly Restaurant Centre-Ville, which is located in Joliette and offers high-quality international cuisine in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Another well-known restaurant in Joliette is Le Bercail restaurant located in the heart of downtown Joliette, nesting in a magnificent ancestral house, and which also offers a warm atmosphere and a quality menu.

5 reasons to move to Joliette

Here are 5 good reasons that will please you and push you to move to Joliette.

– The Musée d'art de Joliette: an attractive museum that can boast of having the third largest collection of works of art in Quebec, with 8,500.

– Gastronomy: the city of Joliette is known for its quality gastronomy and downtown Joliette has many small independent restaurants that are worth a visit.

– Nature: Joliette is a dynamic city, with beautiful natural resources and where it is good to live and walk with the family.

– The economy: The city's economy is varied: heavy industry (mechanical, cement), agricultural (production, processing), tertiary (government offices, regional hospital), commercial.

– Real estate: Real estate is at a reasonable level, since the city is located outside the metropolitan area of Montreal.

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