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Reliable and quality Longueuil moving service everywhere on the South Shore. By calling on our moving company you are assured of excellent service! Moving company offers its specialized services in residential and commercial moving. We also offer our assembly and disassembly service for your furniture, whether residential or commercial, of all brands. Our service is professional and safe.

What is the cost of a move in the city of Longueuil?

moving LongueuilOur moving service in Longueuil is billed at an hourly rate of $75/hour, with a fully equipped truck and driver included, before May 20 or from July 5. Please note that movers are not included in this price and the cost of moving.

Completeness will depend on several factors, including the number of movers needed, the distance between your departure location and your destination, as well as the floor you are currently on and the floor you are moving to.

It is important to note that our minimum working time is two hours, plus travel time, which varies depending on the distance between the two moving locations. In general, the journey time is about one hour. Read more information about the price of the move, an economical move and questions about the price.

Moving service near Longueuil

Contact us before booking your move with another moving company, we are here to offer you the best service at the best price. Movers with over 15 years of experience.

Last minute or emergency move in Longueuil

Need a last minute move to Longueuil? Don’t panic, contact us immediately. For all your needs of emergency move in Longueuil at the best price. We would be happy to offer you our same day moving, transport or delivery services or a last minute service! We are here for any type of move, local or long distance.

Moving pool table in Longueuil

Are you looking for pool table movers in Longueuil? Complete moving and installation of pool table. We move all makes and models of pool tables. Finding an experienced billiard mover is the quality installation solution. We offer professional services to change the carpet on your pool table.

Moving piano in Longueuil and in Monteregie

How much does it cost to move an upright piano in the South Shore? Keyboard: the cost is around $100 to $150. Upright piano: between $250 to $500. Grand piano $380 – $750. The cost or rates are determined by the following criteria: type of piano, distance, level of difficulty, floors and weight.

Would you like to have your piano moved by a specialist in Longueuil? Meticulous, efficient and economical work! Mobile piano with crane. Our movers will take care of the piano, to offer you a better moving service in Longueuil. Specialized equipment, service moving piano with crane or lifting with crane. Moving pianos of all kinds (upright piano, grand piano, mechanical). 

Long-distance moving from and to Longueuil

Are you looking for a trusted mover to another city in the province of Quebec or Ontario? Whether for a short-distance move or for a long-distance moving in another city, entrust your precious goods to our team of qualified professional movers.

Approximate prices for long-distance moving from or to Longueuil for a 3 ½ apartment.

The best moving price or rate from Longueuil to the largest cities in Quebec and Ontario.

Destination Price Distance
Moving between Longueuil and Toronto 1950-2650$ 543km
Moving Longueuil to Kingston 1250-1650$ 289km
Moving between Longueuil and Quebec 1095-1450$ 252km
Moving Longueuil to Drummondville 650-950$ 104km
Moving between Longueuil to Gatineau 900-1350$ 212km
Moving Longueuil to Sherbrooke 700-990$ 132km
Moving between Longueuil and Saguenay 1900-2550$ 459km
Moving Longueuil to Matane 2450-2950$ 628km
Moving price Longueuil to Rimouski 1950-2650$ 537km
Moving from Longueuil to Magog 650-850$ 112km
Price Moving Longueuil to Saint-Sauveur 700-990$ 85km
Moving Longueuil to Saint Georges 1300-1750$ 325km
Moving from Longueuil to Shawinigan 750-990$ 178km
Moving from Longueuil to Victoriaville 950-1350$ 159km
Moving from Longueuil to Trois-Rivieres 850-1150$ 152km
Moving between Longueuil and Sept-Ile 1095-1590$ 240km
Moving Service from Longueuil to Gaspé 2950-4550$ 914km
Moving Longueuil to Granby 700-990$ 70km
Moving from Longueuil to Chicoutimi 1900-2650$ 448km
Price Moving from Longueuil to Mont-Tremblant 950-1190$ 140km
Moving from Longueuil to Thetford-Mines 895-1350$ 214km
Rate Moving between Longueuil and Alma 1950-2650$ 475km

To obtain the price for your move, contact us by phone, email or via our online form.

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