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Saint-Sauveur is a Canadian municipality that is part of the Laurentides region in the province of Quebec. Newly founded in September 2002, the new city of Saint-Sauveur is rich in its history, its geography, its tourist sites but also by its education provided in its universities and colleges. However, the Saint-Sauveur offers the best Canadian dishes in its restaurants and has full resources that can lead to finding reasons for moving to Saint-Sauveur. It is a city 60 kilometers from Montreal which is the second most populous Canadian city.

Here are some presentations of these elements.

Population, geographic location of Saint-Sauveur

Belonging to the province of Quebec, the city of Saint-Sauveur has a population of 10,582 inhabitants in 2017. It is located on a territory with an area of ​​5,015 ha or 50.15 km2. Added to this is a density of 211 inhabitants per square kilometer. Its demographic evolution is relatively increasing since it rose from 9,191 in 2006, 9,881 in 2011 and 10,231 in 2016.

Moreover, Saint-Sauveur is located between 45° 54? 00? north and 74° 10? 00? west. It derives from the merger of the two municipalities that are the village of Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts2 and the parish of Saint-Sauveur.

History and language of Saint-Sauveur

The first groups of settlers settled along the valley of Saint-Sauveur in the north. From 1827, the masters of Mille-Isles gave 120 lots to the two sides located at the North River. We can see on modern maps that these lands refer to the lots bordering the current municipalities of Piedmont and Prévost.

Saint-Sauveur was transformed into a municipality on August 6, 1855. Its territory therefore includes Piedmont, Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, Shawbridge and Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts. This wealthy woman can bring her to move to Saint-Sauveur.

Finally, the two official languages ​​are French and English.

Tourist place in Saint-Sauveur

The tourist places of Saint-Sauveur are numerous. Among these, Sommet Saint-Sauveur which offers ski slopes. This station allows you to do night skiing, certain activities such as the snowpark. Its address is 350 Avenue St Denis, Saint-Sauveur.

Then, Parc John-H. Molson, which is located on rue Viviane in Saint-Sauveur. This park has entertainment and game rooms.

Finally, the Glissades des Pays d’En Haut allow you to do water sports and boat trips. Thus, these places can encourage people, even entire families, to move to the city of Saint-Sauveur.

Best university and college in Saint-Sauveur

The university Mairie de Saint-Sauveur (Haute-Saône) has a communicative training which aims to strengthen the student’s ability to participate and improve his critical instinct can also provoke a dream of moving to Sait-Saveur to enrich his knowledge with these interactions between participants and teachers.

Then, the University for All of Puisaye – Forterre is a very good training school with programs that meet international standards.

In addition to universities, the city has schools such as the Saint-Malo institution which trains its students in household trades such as laundry, culinary arts or sewing. The list of colleges and universities is long.

Best restaurants in Saint Sauveur

The restaurant Le Saint Sau Pub Gourmand which offers hamburgers, steaks, breakfasts, pastas and shows can domoving to Saint-Sauveur

Then, the restaurant Au Petit Café Chez Denise, well known for its lunches and lunches, offers dinner during the evening.

In addition, the city of Saint-Sauveur has among its best restaurants the Restaurant Orange & Pamplemousse which offers its customers healthy cuisine and a wide range of organic wines in the tranquility of a terrace.

There are many such as L’Oeufrier Saint Sauveur, Déjeuner Obodum or Lezvos.

5 reasons to move to Saint-Sauveur

-Housing : The city of Saint-Sauveur offers very affordable housing. Indeed, the cost of rents is not expensive

-Security: Saint-Sauveur is recognized for its tranquility, which is the keystone for a healthy business environment. Patrols are carried out there by the Sûreté du Québec.

-The festivities : Above all, it should be remembered that the celebrations in the Vallée de Saint-Sauveur last twelve months out of twelve with, in particular, shows rich in theatre, humor, dance, etc.

-A business city: Saint-Sauveur is a city located just 45 minutes north of Greater Montreal. It offers various interesting activities and opportunities for visitors, traders and residents.

A clean city : Saint-Sauveur is a city that attaches great importance to cleanliness. Thus, days of collection of waste and recyclable materials are organized there. This can cause people to to relocate to this clean city. Moving Longueuil, local service at the best price.

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