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How much does a move cost? This is the most asked question.

When organizing a move, the first thing you want to know is how much it costs! What is the cost of a local move in the greater Montreal area? How to calculate it? What are the components of this award? What's included? Here we will answer all these questions:


How much does it cost to rent a truck with driver?

Our price for a truck with driver (Montreal region) is $65 per hour, including a truck (fully equipped) and a driver (before May 20 or from July 5). Noted, movers are not included in the above price.


How much does it cost to hire truck movers?

We like to be very clear about the price and cost of movers. We hate unpleasant surprises. For this reason, we write our prices here. Please contact us if this is unclear to you.

Si vous optez pour les services de déménageurs professionnels, en basse saison (avant la mi-mai et après la mi-juillet) les tarifs varient de 95$ à 125$ de l’heure pour deux hommes et de 135$ à 165$ de l’heure pour trois déménageurs. Le prix dépend de la date, le milieu du mois est moins cher, au début et à la fin du mois le prix est plus élevé. Les trois derniers jours et les trois premiers jours du mois le prix peut être supérieur à 125/hr. Warning: the price may change for the third or fourth floor without elevator.


What are the factors that will influence the price of the move?

The first is – floors. Second – the date. Third – number of movers involved in the move, and last – distance.


How much does a mover cost for a move in the Montreal area?

The rate is approximately $45 -$55 per hour per mover in low season. Hourly rates apply to all residential and commercial moves. The price depends on the date, distance and floors. Please contact us for more information.


Do you charge travel time for local moves?

Yes, for all local moves we charge for travel time! The cost of the travel time depends on the distance, but generally we calculate one hour of travel. This offsets the company's travel costs to reach your departure address and return from your destination address to our office, once the work is completed.


The approximate price on the local moving service

How much will I pay for a move in the Montreal area? Note that these are average costs for a simple move. As we mentioned above, the price depends on many factors. Please do not take this price as a fixed price for your move!


Studio2-3 hours295$+2 movers
1 bedroom3-4 hours395$+2 movers
2 bedrooms4-5 hours570$+3 movers
3 rooms5-6 hours670$+3 movers
4 bedrooms6-8 hours760$+3 movers
5 bedrooms8+ hours1400$+4 movers


Unfortunately, there are objects or things that are charged extra. Because sometimes you need more movers or a specialized team and special equipment.

To note : not included in the price mentioned above: if you live on the 3rd floor without elevator, pianos, safe, electric bed, electric sofa, some treadmills – over 90kg, wood stove, appliances over 90kg, photocopiers , printers, granite objects, marble tables, etc., call us for prices! printers, granite objects, marble tables, etc. , call us for the price!

You usually pay on delivery, but sometimes all charges must be paid before your goods are unloaded, usually we apply this for a long distance move

We recommend three or more movers for most large jobs. Although the hourly rate is higher, the work can be done much faster. This often results in a total cost equal to or less than that of two movers. Please let us know if your home is over 2000 square feet or more. In this case, we will recommend 4 movers and 2 trucks.

Fixed rates apply to all long distance moving services from Montreal or to Montreal. Here are some examples of long distance moving prices! Lump sum prices apply to all types of removals where our agent has visited your house/apartment and/or you have reached an agreement for such a price. Please call us before making a decision for your long distance move. We're here to help you save your money!

Yes! When we offer the flat rate, it will not change unless you change your inventory list. All circumstances and difficulties must be disclosed before obtaining the quote/package. This means the number of steps per staircase and very heavy objects such as pianos, elevator restrictions and truck loading area accessibility.


 What is included in the price of moving to Montreal?

  • Moving trucks 16 to 26 feet long.
  • All our carts are equipped with straps, bands, 4-wheel carts, hand trucks and moving blankets.
  • We use shrink wrap to protect your furniture.
  • We use floor coverings to protect the hardwood floor.
  • We offer the use of wardrobe boxes, free of charge for the day of your move.
  • We will dismantle and reassemble your furniture such as beds, cupboards and tables, etc.
  • Moving piano Montreal
  • Moving mid-month price


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